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New Age, New Ideas- Villa Elevators
As life grows faster, the pressure of life seems to increase daily and the expected quality of life increases as a result.
The meaning of “home,” beginning as a place to keep out of the rain, has become a place to rest the spirit. The importance of interior decoration is being increasingly examined. Each aspect of interior design not only represents the owner’s tastes and thoughts, it shows modern man’s wisdom and independence.
In the search for quality of life in the new era, Yungtay has provided a new choice: The Villa Elevator.
The Villa Elevator: Safety, Attractiveness, and Compatibility with Personal Space
Yungtay has an eye on the increasing age of society, and especially focuses on elevator design safety,ensuring that elderly or disabled family members are also able to safely enjoy the convenience of elevators.
Elegant and modern exteriors blend in with the family,becoming a modern piece of the family and providing space for consideration.
The elevator’s steady ascent and decent, and the carriage’s tender handles and soft lighting give the rider an sumptuous helping of coziness, and a slice of self-assurance. 

The Villa Elevator: A Meeting of Wisdom and Homonization
─ Lighting- Lighting is provided by an energy saving bulb whose soft light helps relieve the stress of the day.
─ Intelligent steady flow electricity equipment- In the event of power outage, emergency communications, lighting, and operations maintain power.(Option)
─ Indicators- Intelligent elevator call button.
─ Anti-pinching design- If the elevator door is hindered while opening or closing, it will automatically reopen to prevent pinching passengers.
─ Door movement direction- Door opens from only one side.
─ Inner door panel- Choice of colored steel panel or silver baked paint.
─ Skylight- Solid arch design, giving the elevator carriage a more spacious appearance.
─ Elevator control panel (OPB)- Floor indicators, that can be accompanied by a ring, door open button, emergency button, and a recessed and covered emergency stop button.
─ Intercom- In emergency situations, may be used to speak with other floors.
─ Mirror- Stainless steel engraved mirror face .
─ Hand railings- Tender additional safety device, that increases riding comfort.

Yung Tay Villa


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